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Friday, November 1, 2013

2 Auctions ended, over 6000 credits, and they went to the same person, cool!

I just learned something else new about Listia

Once an auction ends, even though the buyer receives a notice saying "credits transfered" it can take up to 20 days to "receive" your credits from the winning bids.

My first two Hacky Sack Auctions netted me  9581 in credits. If I were to buy that amount it would have cost me: around $25. I guess I will wait to see how much they cost to ship before I figure out how far ahead of the game I am. :)

It was fun seeing my auction picture on the ending soonest front page of Listia tonight, though! Here is a screenshot:

It kind of sucks but it does make sense. You really shouldn't get them until the buyer/bidder receives their stuff. Or you have to wait 20 days.

I plan on getting a shipping transaction code when I mail them out, it will probably speed up the receiving credits process with Listia. It does say, too that once you become a more trusted seller they can come quicker under certain circumstances. Didn't give me details on those circumstances.

If you look at the updated badge box on the side of blog here, I received 3 more badges on Listia since the auctions ended.

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