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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hit 50, got two new badges, and Have scored some great auction wins on Listia!

Well it has been a few days since I did any posts about my experiences and the learning curve I am documenting with My Listia Journey.

The other day I got a 100 percent feedback badge, I had finally caught up with auctions out there and feedback given. That was because during the second week of the month I slowed down on the listings a bit.

After I got up to almost 40,000 in credits, :o) I spent some time buying instead of listing. LOL

I won a $15 amazon gift card, and I also landed a bluetooth WiFi dongle for one of our desktop computers. Those two items alone recouped the money I have spent on shipping.

Here is a screenshot of my current badges, I haven't even been at it a whole month yet.  37 of them already.


That means all the other "little wins" that have been coming in the mailbox every few days is just gravy, or like Listia says, Free Stuff.

This morning Listia gave me an Early Bird Badge, because I checked in at 6:30. I can honestly say that wasn't the first time I had checked in that early, but it was the first time I was given a badge for it. LOL

What annoys me about Listia.

Well they don't have to put everything I put on my watch list on Listia  up on Facebook and list it as something I want.

 Half the stuff I put on my watch list on Listia is just so I can study what others are doing and how successful they are with different types of auction listings.

I am actually working on stocking stuffers for the kids for Christmas, I really don't need Listia advertising that on my Facebook.

I ran a couple auctions on Ebay, my ebay id is "bluejeansicecream" not that it really matters. I didn't have much success with my listings, I was hoping some of the traffic I get here from my Listia package advertising would pull it over there, didn't happen.

I am having fun with Listia though, and I have found a lot of unique very inexpensive gifts for several family members in the process.

There something about winning an auction at the last minute, like tonight on Listia.

I won one auction by only 6 credits, that really gets your juices flowing and puts a smile on your face.

It is much easier on the budget playing around with this on Listia instead of Ebay.

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