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Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Few Tips to get more Bids on Your Auctions.

I think there may be several amatuer listers on Listia.

It amazes me when I see a listing with only one picture and only one line in the description.

If you want the search engines to pick up your auctions, (meaning more visits, higher bidder numbers) than you need to make your auction more appealing.

It doesn't cost anything to add pictures like it does on Ebay, so put up as many as you can. Take one with a coin or a yardstick or ruler, to show actual size. Take front back and side pictures.

In your description be wordy. Add as much detail or story as you can. I recently listed some scrapbook cutouts that I made using my sizzix. I actually have three different items in saved searches.

Because of my wording, my scrapbook aucitons are coming up under my "sizzix" saved search. Here is a screenshot of an alert email I got from listia today. Can you imaging how pleased I was to see that the first 3 listings under "sizzix" were all mine. :)

This is also a great way to research what others are doing, especially in categories of items you may list on a regular basis.

I will be writing an ebook soon for more tips like this. It will be for sale, but anyone who comments or subscribes to this blog will get it free when it first comes out. So don't hesitate to comment, and leave your suggestions, questions, or ideas.


BTW I picked up a few extra badges this week without even trying. 

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