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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Well, I got some more auction badges and am learning about Get it Now Listing requirements on Listia.

Well, I got some more auction badges on Listia today. Here is the latest screenshot image.

Notice the little candy corn. That is for checking in on or being active with  Listia today, Halloween, I guess. :o)

Anyhow, my first auctions end tonight and it is really exciting whatching the credits go up. I have 16 up currently.

I listed my first digital auction at Listia . I created some bottle cap images using my MTC software. These are things crafters, especially crafters with kids are interested in and they seem to be going for high credits on Listia

Anytime I can get credits without having to ship something free is like free money the way I look at.

I also learned what a GIN auction is. Similar to the Buy it Now on Ebay, GIN on Listia is offering to end an auction early if someone wants to give a set amount of credits for your item. Listia charges a 10% fee on your winning amount, plus I think it is 100 or 500 credits to just list or relist a GIN. 

You are also not eligible for this until you are a trusted seller or have your seller wings badge. One of the requirements for that is to be on the site for 20 days, so I still have a few days to go for that.

I just learned tonight, too what tiered auction is. I will save that for another post. Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Advice to one of my fans from a moderator, we can all learn from this.

This morning I had an email telling me I had a new fan. Whenever I get a new fan, I visit their auctions just to see what they are doing and learn from it. I found the following comment.

I am going to try the suggestion below that is in bold print. I am not exactly sure why that would help your auction do better but I am sure there is a reason. :o) Will let you know how it goes.

"In order to have better results with this auction, please add more details regarding your item. Your auction is missing a description or picture. These two things will go a long way in instilling confidence in potential bidders. We also highly recommend that you include pictures of the actual item that is being auctioned, (not just use stock photos from the manufacturer).

For higher valued items, please include a notecard or piece of paper with your Listia username in one of the pictures of the actual item.

This will also reduce the number of questions that your bidders will ask, and most importantly, you`ll get the best results with your auction.

Thanks for making these changes and good luck with your auction!"

Of all the things I posted yesterday, the one I would have least expected is the first to get a bid, the peace sign notebook. Who would of known.

Monday, October 28, 2013

5 days and lots of badges, and Learning All Kinds Of Things

Well I have been at this Listia thing off and on for 5 days now.

I am learning all kinds of things, and also getting lots of badges. Check out the screenshot of what I have earned so far.

 Click on the picture and it will take you to my page when you hover your mouse over the badge it tells you what it is for.

Here is a link to my current auctions:

www.listia.com more free stuff on Listia

I have been browsing, fanning, watching and commenting while learning what others are doing to rack up the credits fast. It is interesting to say the least and I am keeping notes, and will be experimenting with what I am learning and let you know as I go what works and what doesn't.

I would love to hear your comments and feel free to even ask questions. Especially if you are new to Listia, I will give you advice from what I have learned so far.

I won and recieved my first "digitial auction" tonight.

 I didn't really need those coaster instructions, I could have easily found that same info on the web, (I have good secret reasearch skills, LOL) but I bid on it for two reasons.

I wanted to help this Listia lister out, it was for a very small amount of credits, and it brought me a 1 by my name for feedback super fast, instead of that big ugly 0.

I am thinking, and pretty sure I need to get just one more auction up and I will receive another badge for 10 auctions. Got to look around the house for 1 more item. :o)

I am keeping everything that I have listed in a box and will be getting it packaged and ready to mail before the auction ends.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Lots Of Ways To Earn Credits And Get Traffic To Your Listings

Unlike ebay, you can  comment and like and dislike auctions,  just like you do posts on facebook. 

You can do this on any auction  you look at on Listia. 

This brings Traffic of people to your listings after you make comments about their listing. 

 It's amazing how fast you can build your fans and get results. Especially if you have some good listings yourself. 

This is just one of the first things have learning about Listia.

 I'll be sharing everything in post as the days go on.

I commented on the creativity of a piece of jewelery tonight. I told I was new and still learning by visiting other auctions.

He warned me that I would become addicted, and gave me an A+++++ for my first few listings. Oh yeah he also became a fan. 

I can see how this could easily become an addictive habit.

I won my first auction today. It was fun.

I am learning quickly.

For one, even if you don't win, when you bid, you lose those points. It is not like Ebay where you only spend the money if you win the auction.

Two of the three auctions I currently have up have flames next to them. This means they are Hot. (cool huh)

Well I have already been able to "spend" some of those credits, even though the auctions aren't ending. I can see this becoming somewhat addicting. :o)

My first auction I got quite low. An old issue of Sew News Magazine. I was excited about it because it has two things I love covered in it. Machine Embroidery and embellishing blue jeans. To learn more about these hobbies, visit my profile here on Blogger and see my other blogs.

Currently my biggest problem is getting organized at home and  having a good place set up to "take pictures"
I do plan on listing lots of things for sell on Ebay this winter too, but for some items it makes more sense to earn credits for them on listia. More on this as I learn the ins and outs.


I have discovered something new online!

 I recently was referred to a new auction site through facebook that gives things away free. You get credits to bid with by listing and sending things to others.

An awesome way to get rid of junk instead of donating it to goodwill.

I am a beginner with this, so I decided to create this blog to journey my adventures with this site. I plan on using credits to get Christmas presents.

I know I need to keep track of how much I spend on shipping, but I have started my first few auctions with free shipping and they are going like firecrackers.

You can sign up here:

www.listia.com more free stuff on Listia