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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I could have put several new auctions up today but.......

I have a heaping table of things to list on Listia.

I have to pace myself to make sure I have enough to cover postage.

I love it when they receive their package and give feedback. Makes me feel like Santa Claus.

Today I was inspired to work on my sewing and creative stuff. While doing so I came up with an awesome idea.

Sometimes you just got to go with the flow.

I don't really have much else to share.

Another great tip for your auctions. Always try to have more than one auction going at a time. The more auctions you have going the more bids and watchers you will get on all of them.

I feel that I now have the expertise to say that. I have done over 50 auctions in my first month, and only 2 so far ended without any bids. They both went on the 2nd relist.

Happy Thanksgiving to all that are reading along and following my journey here. I would love to hear your questions and comments.


BTW I updated the Paypal links here:

If you don't want to mess around with bidding and just want to buy some hacky sack balls and get them on their way to you fast, and in time for stocking stuffers.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Few Tips to get more Bids on Your Auctions.

I think there may be several amatuer listers on Listia.

It amazes me when I see a listing with only one picture and only one line in the description.

If you want the search engines to pick up your auctions, (meaning more visits, higher bidder numbers) than you need to make your auction more appealing.

It doesn't cost anything to add pictures like it does on Ebay, so put up as many as you can. Take one with a coin or a yardstick or ruler, to show actual size. Take front back and side pictures.

In your description be wordy. Add as much detail or story as you can. I recently listed some scrapbook cutouts that I made using my sizzix. I actually have three different items in saved searches.

Because of my wording, my scrapbook aucitons are coming up under my "sizzix" saved search. Here is a screenshot of an alert email I got from listia today. Can you imaging how pleased I was to see that the first 3 listings under "sizzix" were all mine. :)

This is also a great way to research what others are doing, especially in categories of items you may list on a regular basis.

I will be writing an ebook soon for more tips like this. It will be for sale, but anyone who comments or subscribes to this blog will get it free when it first comes out. So don't hesitate to comment, and leave your suggestions, questions, or ideas.


BTW I picked up a few extra badges this week without even trying. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hit 50, got two new badges, and Have scored some great auction wins on Listia!

Well it has been a few days since I did any posts about my experiences and the learning curve I am documenting with My Listia Journey.

The other day I got a 100 percent feedback badge, I had finally caught up with auctions out there and feedback given. That was because during the second week of the month I slowed down on the listings a bit.

After I got up to almost 40,000 in credits, :o) I spent some time buying instead of listing. LOL

I won a $15 amazon gift card, and I also landed a bluetooth WiFi dongle for one of our desktop computers. Those two items alone recouped the money I have spent on shipping.

Here is a screenshot of my current badges, I haven't even been at it a whole month yet.  37 of them already.


That means all the other "little wins" that have been coming in the mailbox every few days is just gravy, or like Listia says, Free Stuff.

This morning Listia gave me an Early Bird Badge, because I checked in at 6:30. I can honestly say that wasn't the first time I had checked in that early, but it was the first time I was given a badge for it. LOL

What annoys me about Listia.

Well they don't have to put everything I put on my watch list on Listia  up on Facebook and list it as something I want.

 Half the stuff I put on my watch list on Listia is just so I can study what others are doing and how successful they are with different types of auction listings.

I am actually working on stocking stuffers for the kids for Christmas, I really don't need Listia advertising that on my Facebook.

I ran a couple auctions on Ebay, my ebay id is "bluejeansicecream" not that it really matters. I didn't have much success with my listings, I was hoping some of the traffic I get here from my Listia package advertising would pull it over there, didn't happen.

I am having fun with Listia though, and I have found a lot of unique very inexpensive gifts for several family members in the process.

There something about winning an auction at the last minute, like tonight on Listia.

I won one auction by only 6 credits, that really gets your juices flowing and puts a smile on your face.

It is much easier on the budget playing around with this on Listia instead of Ebay.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Slowed down my auction listing this week, for a few reasons.

Well, the newness and the excitement of Listia is wearing off, and I got a little overwhelmed with all the trips to the post office.

I also have spent about 25 bucks altogether on shipping. But I am getting neat stuff ever day in the mail. I used a gin option yesterday to get a WiFi Dongle for the desktop. We have two computers in the shop, and when we get them back we are going to be short one WiFi hook up. So will save me spending $20-30 on the 1st.

 It is nice being able to get rid of something I don't need, make someone else smile, and be able to get something I need for that same amount of money. So I don't REALLY mind the trips to the post office. Especially when I get excited wonderful feedback from the people who have received my packages.

My badges keep increasing without me even really trying to do anything. I have been at it for more than 20 days now, so I am eligible to use the GIN option, I have my Seller's Wings badge. :)

I listed a few of those today, we will see how that goes.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

More badges, receiving feedback fast, and packages, whew... I need to slow down.

Well, I have learned a lot about listia in the past two weeks. I have sent out several packages and received stuff in the mail already. I am currently sitting on about 15,000 credits, still waiting an several thousand more pending.

I acomplished something I have needed to do for quite some time too. Put some listings up on my Ebay site. You can view them here.

So if you liked the Listia auctions for the Hacky Sack Balls or the Plastic Circle Cases and you don't want to fight away all your listia credits you can buy them at my ebay site.

1 Dozen Plastic Circle Container -Snap Lid, Use for craft supplies,

1 Dozen Hacky Sack Foot (Kick) Balls NIP Great Christmas Stocking Stuffer

 Are you wondering yet about my "How to make money with Listia?" If I can use Listia to make sells on Ebay, than that is one way. 

Do you suppose there are people on Listia who would put out cash for the items they see. I know for a fact there are because I have found stuff on Listia and jumped right over to Ebay to see how much the cost there. I guess time will tell if the above items work. I will keep you updated.

One of the first items I got came with a business card with both her Listia and Ebay ids printed on them. That is smart marketing.



Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Another trip to the post office, got to get my printer hooked up!

I just shipped off 5 more packages. I sent out 3 yesterday too. So by the weekend I should have  super load of credits put in my account. :o)

I have decided I am only going to provide tracking if a winner requests it. That will save quite a bit because it is  90 cents. On 5 packages like I mailed today that is almost 5 dollars, Most of them average around 2 dollars first class. 

I need to do the math and see where I am with credits versus shipping costs. Actually someone needs to create a piece of software to figure this out. LOL

My first Coke rewards auction ended at 202 bids for 3 lids. Not bad. I have already delivered the codes, waiting on feedbacks and credits for this one. Fast and Easy Credits. :o)

More later......

Monday, November 4, 2013

I received 9,000 credits today, and I decided to gamble a little bit before I got these,

6300 more Pending Credits in winning auctions today.

Wow. I mailed out 3 more, and will have 5 to go out tommorrow. 

These finished tonight. I am doing pretty good, no losing auctions and I am stacking up the credits.

Today I also learned about Listia Raffles.

I had about 400 credits before the Hacky Sack credits were awarded tonight and I gambled it all away on 6 raffles that end on Wednesday. I thought what the heck, give it a try once and see what happens.

While doing it I learned how one lady took a $55 Walmart gift card and got a 166,000 credits for it. That is 4 times the value if you were buying the credits with that amount of cash. Taking the gamble and researching this lady's auction, was worth what I gambled in the secrets and lesson I learned. I think I will give that tip away to people who comment here at my blog.

I need to get some interactivity going on here. :)
I am definitely going to have to keep tabs on the math. It cost me about 9 bucks to mail out the three packages. Would have been only 6 but it costs 90 cents to put a tracking # on it. I may have to reconsider that option. ;(