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Monday, November 4, 2013

I received 9,000 credits today, and I decided to gamble a little bit before I got these,

6300 more Pending Credits in winning auctions today.

Wow. I mailed out 3 more, and will have 5 to go out tommorrow. 

These finished tonight. I am doing pretty good, no losing auctions and I am stacking up the credits.

Today I also learned about Listia Raffles.

I had about 400 credits before the Hacky Sack credits were awarded tonight and I gambled it all away on 6 raffles that end on Wednesday. I thought what the heck, give it a try once and see what happens.

While doing it I learned how one lady took a $55 Walmart gift card and got a 166,000 credits for it. That is 4 times the value if you were buying the credits with that amount of cash. Taking the gamble and researching this lady's auction, was worth what I gambled in the secrets and lesson I learned. I think I will give that tip away to people who comment here at my blog.

I need to get some interactivity going on here. :)
I am definitely going to have to keep tabs on the math. It cost me about 9 bucks to mail out the three packages. Would have been only 6 but it costs 90 cents to put a tracking # on it. I may have to reconsider that option. ;(

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  1. If you ship through paypal you would get the tracking number free on first class items too.