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Thursday, November 7, 2013

More badges, receiving feedback fast, and packages, whew... I need to slow down.

Well, I have learned a lot about listia in the past two weeks. I have sent out several packages and received stuff in the mail already. I am currently sitting on about 15,000 credits, still waiting an several thousand more pending.

I acomplished something I have needed to do for quite some time too. Put some listings up on my Ebay site. You can view them here.

So if you liked the Listia auctions for the Hacky Sack Balls or the Plastic Circle Cases and you don't want to fight away all your listia credits you can buy them at my ebay site.

1 Dozen Plastic Circle Container -Snap Lid, Use for craft supplies,

1 Dozen Hacky Sack Foot (Kick) Balls NIP Great Christmas Stocking Stuffer

 Are you wondering yet about my "How to make money with Listia?" If I can use Listia to make sells on Ebay, than that is one way. 

Do you suppose there are people on Listia who would put out cash for the items they see. I know for a fact there are because I have found stuff on Listia and jumped right over to Ebay to see how much the cost there. I guess time will tell if the above items work. I will keep you updated.

One of the first items I got came with a business card with both her Listia and Ebay ids printed on them. That is smart marketing.



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