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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Another trip to the post office, got to get my printer hooked up!

I just shipped off 5 more packages. I sent out 3 yesterday too. So by the weekend I should have  super load of credits put in my account. :o)

I have decided I am only going to provide tracking if a winner requests it. That will save quite a bit because it is  90 cents. On 5 packages like I mailed today that is almost 5 dollars, Most of them average around 2 dollars first class. 

I need to do the math and see where I am with credits versus shipping costs. Actually someone needs to create a piece of software to figure this out. LOL

My first Coke rewards auction ended at 202 bids for 3 lids. Not bad. I have already delivered the codes, waiting on feedbacks and credits for this one. Fast and Easy Credits. :o)

More later......

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