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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Making a list of popular Listia items, after 5 completed Auctions, and more than 20 to go.

Well I have about a week and a half experience on Listia so far. I have earned almost 15,000 credits so far with my listed auctions only, not all the ones they throw in here or there for various tasks you do.

I just updated the badge image in my sidewall on the right, I now have 20 badges on Listia. :o) That didn't take long at all.

I have about a dozen items on a list that I am putting together of items that seem to be very popular. I am going to share it after a few more weeks of research, I will probably put together a short ebook about my experiences with Listia.

I will give it away free to people who subscribe and comment here on my blog.

But I can tell you a few things that work like a charm for me with my Listia auctions.

If you want to get a flame by your auctions, (meaning they are on fire LOL) do the following.

List a few new auctions in the last half hour of your auction ending. You will be on the front page of browsing Listia in two areas, auctions ending soonest, and newest auctions listed.

That is a lot of advertisement  on  the Listia first or second page for your auctions at the same time.

Start your auction with a low bid. I haven't had any of the 5 auctions that have ended go without a bid.

 I have one, (a keyring that I sewed) that I started out at 2000 and it still doesn't have any bids at Listia yet . It will probably still get a bid, but if I have to relist it I may change the starting amount.

Here is another tip. Try to have at least 5-10 Listia auctions going at once. The more going at once the more likely you are to get someone to bid on more than one auction. This will actually save you on shipping costs if they win more than 1.

I have several more ending today at Listia, and I plan on putting up quite a few for this afternoon. After my exerience from selling on Ebay years ago, I know that ending on a Sunday afternoon or Evening is one of the best ending times you can have. It all depends on the item.

Only a little research or time will tell if that is true on Listia too.

I will probably make another post here this evening.

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